Signs that show your workplace needs a Visitor management system

workplace needs a Visitor management system

A digital Visitor management system is a crucial tool to help manage the flow of people into and around your facility while providing an optimal experience for your visitors. This is true regardless of the type of business, whether it’s a corporate office, healthcare facility, Co-working space, school, or job site. A recent survey showed that 76% of companies felt that adding a digital Visitor management system had improved visitor feedback.

Executives may be concerned that digital check-in solutions don’t provide the personal experience guests and visitors value most. But when lines start forming, and paperwork needs to be filled out, having a few employees handle people flow, identification, and the collection of personal information makes for a stressful experience for everyone. A digital office check-in system can provide a personalized experience without sacrificing a warm welcome or wasting time.

Below, we’ll look at what Visitor management systems can do and some of the signs your organization needs one to enhance the visitor experience while staying secure and compliant.

What is a Visitor management system?

At its most basic, a Visitor management system is a set of tools and policies that regulate the entry of employees or visitors into any workspace. Nearly all organizations have some sort of check-in system, even if it’s a receptionist or a sign-in sheet at the front desk. But these systems are becoming increasingly automated.

Features of a digital Visitor management system

When looking for an efficient Visitor management system, it’s crucial to ensure it has all the right features and procedures for your workspace. For example, some organizations need maximum security to avoid unwanted visitor check-in, while others simply need to identify guests, times of entry, etc.

When looking for a Visitor management system, purchasers will want to pay attention to the following features:

  • The ease of use and time saving
  • Smartphone check-in
  • Preregistration capabilities collect vital information in advance
  • The ability to quickly process repeat visitors, such as vendors or delivery people
  • The ability to verify identification, including the use of photo capture and signature technology
  • Visitor badge printing equipment
  • Cloud-based data storage and security
  • An intuitive interface to view collected data
  • Live tracking of your visitors
  • Software integrations 

Benefits of a Visitor management system

There are many ways of use tools to upgrade your Visitor management system. For example, visitor management systems (VMS) can be modified to fit any office or worksite environment, allowing organizations to:

  • Use mobile QR codes for touchless check-in
  • Disseminate electronic pre-screening forms to collect everything from credentials to vaccination information before guests arrive on-site
  • Notify hosts that guests have arrived to reduce unexpected interruptions and distractions that affect employee productivity
  • Collect information in an electronic visitor log so facilities managers have accurate data to improve building systems to accommodate guests
  • Allow guests to sign up for mobile alerts in case there is an emergency on-site
  • Use historical data collection to fast-track the entrance of frequent, approved visitors, such as contractors, vendors, and delivery people
  • Alert office staff to unauthorized visitors
  • Protect secure areas by limiting access to approved visitors only
  • Adhere to public health and general safety protocols
  • Improve brand image by onboarding cutting-edge technology
  • Create an audit trail to simplify compliance reporting

A Visitor management system, such as Visitorz.io visitor management system, helps streamline entry into workplaces so that front office staff can concentrate on other tasks or provide a warm welcome instead of simply handing over a clipboard full of forms.

Signs your company needs a Visitor Management system

If you’re still using sign-in sheets, you’re likely considering upgrading to a digital Visitor management system. Here are some signs that your office is ready to make the leap.

  • You have a good sense of your ideal check-in procedure for each type of guest
  • You’ve created an access policy
  • You need to keep up with changing security, public health, and compliance protocols
  • Your worksite requires waivers, NDAs, or credential-checking that can be streamlined with digital tools
  • Your reception staff are overworked
  • You understand the ROI of a good first impression
  • You need to keep parts of your worksite secure or track who has had access to certain areas
  • You need to manage people flow to keep your workspace systems functioning optimally
  • You have a large site that would benefit from an automated emergency system
  • You understand that paper sign-in methods cannot provide the privacy your guests expect (62% of people say they look through paper visitor logbooks to see who’s signed in before them.) 

Improving visitor experiences with digital systems

State-of-the-art check-in systems like Visitorz.io visitor management system have a positive impact on workspace operation, employee satisfaction, visitor impressions, safety, and site costs. And companies that have invested in this technology have seen the benefits. A recent survey found that 92% of businesses utilizing a visitor management system said it helped create a safer environment, while 94% said it increased efficiency, and 96% said it provided them with essential data.

Indeed with no doubt, we can say Visitorz.io can be your workplace security & productivity chum!

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