Being security savvy and compliant, you can be the savior of your visitor's data.

Security and compliance
Your Visitor’s data will be secured on our cloud-based visitor management system, and we ensure you that all the regulations are met and generate numerous reports.

Encrypted Visitors Data

We have a specialized team who are always committed to providing the highest level of data security by following all data protection protocols for your visitor’s data.

Restrict Visitors

You can restrict specific visitors with whom you may not have a good experience or you don't want to let them come into your workplace or premises

Overstay alert

You will get an alert on the 'Visitor Desk', the host can take necessary action if the visitor is inside the premises after pre-set time is over. This will help the host & Visitor both to manage their schedule

Two-factor authentication

2FA is an extra layer of protection that ensures, your account will be more secure, this will not let any suspicious login.

GDPR Compliance follow all GDPR compliance and other data protection regulation policies, thus you do not have to worry about your data.

Evacuation Notification

Considering the importance of safety & security of each visitor on each workplace/premises, 'Evacuation Notification' provides you with additional features to send an alert to all visitors in case of any emergency. (i.e. Fire, eartquack, etc.)