Recently, we organized IIA-IIID SHOWCASE INFINITY 2022, This time we wanted to go digital & as a result we were fortunate to partner with Visitorz.io to manage our visitors. In past events, we use to keep manual registration counters, which occasionally did not work properly & was time-consuming; making it impossible to determine the exact number of visitors as there was no scope for advance registration. With Vistorz.io Visitor Management Software, we had a great experience, especially with the Advance registration feature where we got counts of visitors in advance & was easy for us to make arrangements at the venue. We are extremely satisfied with the software and timely support.
IIA-IIID Showcase Infinity
IIA-IIID Showcase Infinity
- Deepak Sahajwani
We have installed Visitorz.io 5 months back & sice then we have never missed any leads. Being into educcation domain we have lots of students coming at our office for inquiry, many a time we miss to collect data from them due to high rush & long queue. Visitorz.io is a very easy & quick system now the students who visit our office have no need to stand in queue they can scan QR & do their check in or can even take pre appointment. We have data of each students so we can even call them later if in case to pass on any new update
Visitor management system client
IntStu Aspirations
- Pooja Parekh
We have really seen a productivity increase of our admin team after using Visitorz.io as our VMS. We initially use to manage all visitors data manually on register book & our receptionist use to spend half of her day when needed to find any particular visitors data, After having Visitorz.io installed at our premises we get accurate data & can get data of any individual visitor in just few clicks.
Visitor management system client
- Sandip Kathiriya
Visitor management system
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