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Say No, to the traditional book and pen listing of your visitors anymore. Go paperless. Go easy on your hands and minds with Visitorz.io


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Welcome your visitors with the extremely simple
Visitorz system that secures your workplace and boost your front desk.


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Welcome your visitors with the extremely simple Visitorz.io system that secure your workplace and
boost your front desk.


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How We Make It Better

Our approach is using proven techniques and innovative solutions

Instant QR-based check-in & check-out

It’s easy and quick to register your visitors without any paperwork. OTP-based authentication makes the process simpler and faster.

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Notification for emergency alerts

You can send real-time notifications to members & visitors in case of any emergency and security violations.


Central dashboard for visual interfaces

The central dashboard enables access to the data of each visitor at multiple locations, which can be managed from one place.

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Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication process helps ensure that only authorized visitors are granted access, This feature allows to approve or reject the visits.

Reliable data storage to safeguard data

Our visitor management system give you control of your data. Only authorized personnel will have access to your visitor’s information.

Seamless product integration

Customize our platform to suit the individual needs of your organization and integrate it with your most frequently used business tools.

Manual v/s Visitorz

Traditional Book & Pen Listing Manual check-in involves a lot of paperwork, making it a tedious process.
Touchless & Paperless A Touchless check-in process consumes less time & enhances visit experience by going complete paper less
Lack of Visitor Authentication In manual check-ins, it is impossible to verify visitor information, making security breaches more likely.
OTP-Based Authentication By using OTPbased, authentication Visitor can easily and automatically verify their identity.
Lack of Security Since the details of the visitors are listed on a book/register, it can be easily accessed by anyone for misuse.
Extremely Secure All the data is kept secure and accessible only by the concerned authority.
Manual Time Consuming Process From tedious paperwork to verbally informing the visitors, manual check-in is gradual and time consuming.
Real-Time Notifications Gives you the exact updates in real-time, thus offering maximum security.

A Visual Guide to Our Process

Visitorz.io, Visitor management system
No hardware required

Simply print out the QR code that uniquely identifies your workspace and the visitorz.io Management system will take care of onboarding your visitors! Use advanced features like setting expiry for your QR code and be sure that it is not misused.

This is what makes us unique

Discover the power of your visitor’s data with an interactive dashboard and
insightful reports that inspire more intelligent business decisions.

Create an impressive digital visiting card in minutes

Make a lasting first impression and stand out from the crowd with your very own personalized digital visiting card. All at your fingertips

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