Seamless Visitor Experience

A seamless visitor experience refers to a smooth and uninterrupted journey that a visitor has while check-in in at your workplace. The goal is to create a positive and memorable experience that will keep visitors coming back.

Visitor management system
Touchless check-in
Touchless Visitor check in
Touchless Check-in

Touchless check-in systems typically involve the use of mobile apps, and QR codes that allow guests to complete the check-in process from their own devices, or with minimal interaction with physical touchpoints. The benefits of touchless check-in include reduced waiting times, improved guest satisfaction, and increased efficiency for hotels and staff. It also provides a safer and more hygienic environment for visitors, reducing the risk of transmission of diseases like COVID-19.

Auto Check-out

Using QR code scanning technology, visitors can use their mobile devices to scan a QR code displayed at the workplace, which will then direct them to a mobile checkout platform. This can save time and improve the overall check-out experience, also during check-out you can take feedback on visits from visitors and can also get a google rating.
Visitor management system
Auto Check-out
Auto check out
Visitor management system
Photo ID card capture
Photo ID

Photo & ID card capture

The process usually works by having visitors take a photo of themselves and their government-issued identity card, such as a passport or driver’s license, using their mobile device’s camera, to ensure that no trespassers check in to your workplace.

E- Gate Pass

E-Gate Passes can reduce the cost associated with printing and distributing physical passes, and can also simplify the process of tracking each visitor and managing acces.

Visitor management system
E- Gate Pass
E-gate pass
Visitor management system
Email SMS Notification
Email and SMS notification

Email & SMS Notification

Hosts can be alerted immediately when a visitor arrives, allowing them to better monitor who is entering their facility. Moreover, Hosts do not have to wait at the front desk or continuously check the visitor log to know when someone has arrived.

Track Visit Records

The system can keep a digital record of each visitor’s check-in and check-out time, as well as other relevant information such as the visitor’s name, company, and purpose of visit. Having a digital record of visitor traffic can make it easier to generate reports and analyze visitor data, such as the number of visitors, the frequency of visits, and the average wait time.

Visitor management system
Track visit records
Visitor management system
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