Robust tracking, reporting, and analysis streamline the entire visitor management process for your premises.

Visitors Reports and Analytics

By using the visitor management system, you can easily get all your visitors’ reports, i.e., visitor’s purpose, visiting patterns, and logs.

Visitor Reports

You will get a centralized visitor's report. this makes it easier for you to check all visitor's and employee's reports in a few clicks with multiple filtration options

Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking lets you check all the visitor log updates in real-time.

Member Visit Log

Get centralized employee reports and track their in/out time in real-time.

Visitor Desk

It will display your visitors in different sections according to their visit type. It will show appointments and advance registration of visitors and check-in / check-out, visitors. You can manage the manual visits of visitors from here.

Import/Export Data

You can upload excel files of employees and also get visitors' reports an Excel File.

Visitor management system
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