A Touchless Check-in to enhance your Visit Experience

Touchless Check-in

Our touchless check-in system provides you with additional safety against disease transmission. After the covid-19 touchless word widely comes into use for access systems and we design a QR based visitor management system as per the guidelines for check-in and check-out.

Customized Form

Customize Form helps your team to design visitors' check-in form as per your business requirements, this form help to get accurate details of your visitors

Capture Visitors Photo And Identity

This feature helps to capture your visitor's photo identity and stores it in the record for security purposes, you can do setting for available this feature available while visitors check-in. Visitors use their own smartphones to take pictures along with other details.

Customized Brand Logo

A brand is essential to make an impression on your visitors while they visit you. You can customize the logo on the form to make your brand more visible.

OTP Authentication

The primary purpose of having an OTP process is to add an extra layer of authentication to your visitors, to protect against fraudulent check-in attempts through fake emails and mobile numbers.

Limit Premises Occupancy

You can impose a visitor limit on the number of visitors at a time to your premises. The system manages counts and notifies reception before exceeding the limit count and keeps displaying the current occupancy.


Unwanted visitors’ access to premises is always a matter of security breach. This feature allows you to print instant E-badges for visitors while they visit the premises. E-badges contain all the visitor’s information that helps to identify them.

Visitor management system
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