Looking to digitize your touchless visitor check-in process? Here’s how to go touchless with technology

Touchless visitor check-in
For beginner visitors, a common visitor management software is a digital application or software that permits registering as well as tracking the visitors potential customers guests, clients, and clients in a location or corporate website. It is built entirely on digital experiences and is usually powered by AI, making it a safer method to store and organize data and information about visitors. Before the outbreak of the virus, businesses used Visitor management systems however, they usually required guests or visitors to tap the screens to provide their information for verification. In the current circumstances, touchless check-in process systems have been made touchless technology to provide security and protection, particularly in the fight against the spread of the disease.

The need for a Touchless Visitor Management System

Visitors are a vital element of any company and range from any provider of services to a potential clients. Thus, managing visitors is an essential job in corporate offices that shouldn’t be left unattended at all costs. Numerous guests are in the office spaces every day and simply printing out passes isn’t enough to ensure safety inside the office. Utilizing outdated methods could result in unintentional incidents and organizations can be prone to be easily caught in the trap of criminals and dangers. Office buildings require a reliable and secure automated visitor management system that can monitor and prevent visitors from being easy. In the event that businesses are reopened after a period of sweltering their reception areas and visitors waiting in long lines to check in at the main entry point are not what businesses would like to see. If you use an electronic touchless visitor check-in process system it is impossible to have an influx of people at the reception area. After the pandemic has ebbs and flows touchless visitor check-in process will be a huge boost to the efficiency of an organization through automating the security of the office and allowing workers to focus on other aspects of their job rather instead of jotting the names of the people and what walked through the office. This will allow for greater productivity.

What exactly does “going in a state of being touchless technology” really refer to?

Going touchless technology is the way you interact and experience technology that is touchless technology on a regular basis. Examples include using your mobile to record a message using voice and walking through an automated door and scanning the QR code. touchless technology offers a secure and hygienic method of getting to work. This is also true in the workplace. By using touchless technology, it is possible to streamline the process of registering visitors. The guests can register using their smartphone, tablet or laptop prior to arriving. Then, they can use a QR-code scanner inside the lobby of your office and be met by their host quickly.

What can the use of a touchless check-in system help you?

A touchless check-in experience for visitors will show that you’ve considered the visitor experience. Touchless check-in processes will provide many advantages. Let’s look at a few. Be prepared for visitors when they arrive. There’s usually plenty of information that you’ll have to get from guests when they arrive. Instead of having to ask for this information at registration, you could collect the essential details regarding your guest prior to their arrival. This allows you to review the details and then take any additional steps. Make it easier and less burdensome for the person visiting. For instance, guests or candidates may have to bring documents, such as passports to be scanned. This is done prior to their visit. eliminates the hassle of people omitting to bring something. Make sure you have the correct information in order to keep everyone safe. which is a time when many businesses remain operating in a safe manner, including vaccination verification and health screenings. Being able to verify the information of visitors prior to their arrival helps ensure the safety of everyone in your area and helps keep the process of signing in smooth and efficient. Make a good impression from the beginning. Customers who experience a seamless, effortless login experience will probably remember your business as superior to other places they’ve been to. It doesn’t matter if it’s candidates, clients, or even delivery personnel it’s always an advantage when you are able to make your guests feel welcome and boost your image as a progressive business.

How do you ensure that your check-in experience is seamless and touchless

There are likely to be more friction points in your experience with visitors than you think. Although you might not be able to eliminate all the need to touch the screen you can prepare for every possible way to create a seamless experience for your visitors as well as (nearly) touchless. Here are some suggestions:
  1. It is important to make finding your office simple. Let the mind off of your visitors by providing an address to your office on the invitation. Make sure you include important information about things like transportation and parking.
  2. Allow guests to access your office. Your office might possess security points to ensure that only authorized guests enter your lobby. It could be the security guard, an elevator, or gates that are in your parking space. Think about the use of an access control system such as Kisi that allows visitors to move through every checkpoint easily by using the QR code or a mobile-based access key.
  3. Make sure visitors sign up prior to the time they arrive. If you require visitors to sign any forms or take pictures offer them the chance to sign them before they arrive. So all they need be required to do is look for a QR code as they arrive at your lobby. It’s not necessary to sign a logbook or tap on an iPad. 
  4. Print badges at the command of instead of handwriting badges, print them on your front desk, next to the check-in machine. Once visitors sign in their badges, they can print them immediately. This reduces the time for check-in dramatically.
  5. Inform employees about visitors arriving. Instead of calling the office or rushing to the desk of someone else Choose an automated check-in system that informs your employees when a guest arrives. 
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