6 amazing benefits of using an Effective Visitor Management Process in the manufacturing industry

6 amazing benefits of Visitor management system for manufacturing industry
Have you observed the long queues of visitors at various places and events for different purposes including registration, check-ins, and authorization? How tedious, tiring, and cumbersome it is! It eats a lot of time, requires high-end manpower, and still lacks preciseness and accuracy. Also, data maintenance is 10 times more challenging than data gathering when one approaches the traditional sign-in process. You must have heard people worrying about authentication and authorization at large manufacturing industries, medical centers, inventory areas, etc about the security and privacy breach. But with digitization progressing at every end, this process can be fully automated and authorization and authentication can be provided using a digital sign-in process. It is one of the most Effective Visitor Management Processes. Now you must be wondering what kind of sign-in digital system provides, how the Visitor Management Process is effective, how itcan be beneficial, and how to decide which Visitor Management system or software is best to match your requirements. Don’t worry! We will discuss all these points one by one. Let’s head to the first part depicting what kind of sign-in Visitor Management Systems provide. In the past, the method to manage visitor check-ins, check-outs, and employee attendance was paper-pen based. Likewise, appointment scheduling and registration also involved a paper and pen system to manage the data. However, paying keen attention to present-day health and safety risks, it has become crucial to opt for a robust and more reliable system to manage efficient visitor check-ins and appointments. This gave a rise to the need for a top-notch Visitor Management System that works on the digital Sign-in process. In the manufacturing industry, it is vital to prioritize health and security criteria. Thus shifting to cutting-edge technologies like Visitor Management Systems can streamline operations and upgrade the complete process to a greater extent. With the use of digital sign-in processes, manufacturers can attain desired results with a more secure and organized approach to managing visitors and appointments, without compromising the well-being and health of their workforce and visitors. Digital Sign in is a way to authenticate a user’s identity by making use of digital systems. It can be used to access a website, a service, or a premise. In digital systems, digital credentials are used to provide access. Digital credentials can vary from username and password to digitally signed certificates, QR codes, biometric authentication, etc.

How does the visitor management system work for the manufacturing industry?

The Enterprise Visitor Management System has become a core part of modern-day manufacturing facilities. You must be wondering how? Well! Shifting to Visitor Management Systems ensures the safety and security of employees and visitors aligned with a particular company. The process is pretty much simple. These systems function by automating the sign-in process which shields unauthorized entry, theft, leak of confidential data, and other security threats. The visitor management process starts with prior registration, where the visitor can register online or offline, by providing details such as their name, purpose of visit, and expected duration of stay. Then the data received is reserved securely in the Visitor Management System’s database, which upon visitors’ arrival, enables the visitor to use a self-service cubicle or tablet to check in by confirming their identity and printing a visitor badge. The badge includes essential details such as the visitor’s name, photo, the host they are meeting, and their expected time of departure. One can even promote the facility’s security to screen visitors and perform background checks if necessary before or after authentication to leverage security. The system can be easily incorporated with other security-enhancing systems such as access control systems, CCTV cameras, and alarms to deliver a complete security solution. Besides Visitor management, Visitor Management System can also regulate other functions such as employee attendance tracking,payroll management and better decision making. Moreover, the system can generate visual reports on visitor activity, which further adds valuable insight into visitor trends and patterns, and ease security and maintenance. Let’s assume you work for a manufacturing company that creates industrial machinery. Throughout the day, a large number of visitors, that include customers, suppliers, and contractors, visit the facility.And your company is smart enough and  has implemented a digital sign-in process to operate these visits in a safe and productive manner. Thus upon arrival, visitors can simply  scan a QR code pictured at the entrance with their smartphones. The QR code then leads  them to a webpage where they can mention their basic details, such as their name, purpose of visit, and expected duration of stay. Once the  form is submitted, the system quickly generates a unique visitor badge or gate pass, which the visitor can print or obtain from the reception desk. If a visitor does not have a smartphone,still they can get the entry. How? In such a case, the visitor can make use of a kiosk located at the reception desk to finish their sign-in process. The kiosk provides a similar form in which visitors can mention their details, and the system will create a unique visitor badge. Furthermore,the company can also use a digital sign-in process for employee attendance tracking. Employees can make use of their employee ID cards to check-in and out of the facility at specified check-in points located throughout the facility. The system can then easily record their attendance and generate  reports for salary processing and attendance monitoring. The system has the ability to showcase real-time data on visitor traffic and attendance, enabling the company to make better data-driven decisions regarding resource allocation and facility management. Also, the visitor badges or gate passes act as a visual proof that the visitor has the authority to be on-site, limiting only authorized personnel to enter specific locations in the facility based on the job roles. Now that you know how the Enterprise Visitor Management Software works using the digital sign-in process. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of the digital sign-in process for various domains. From healthcare to manufacturing, Visitor Management systems offer a plethora of benefits for manufacturing SMEs, healthcare domains, inventory sectors, etc. We have curated a list of them below. It includes:

Efficiency and Alignment

You would not disagree if I would tell you that most of the events end up being unsuccessful or are not properly carried out just because of a lack of efficiency. The first and foremost benefit of following a digitized approach is its streamlined process which helps the complete team to be aware of the complete process, work in the same follow, and get aligned on the same page. A Visitor management system uses a digitized process that makes hustle easy by making the process quick. Moreover, it becomes reliable to manage lakhs of people simultaneously just like sipping your favorite coffee.

Improved Security and authorization

As Visitor Management systems are completely digitized system based, they enhance authentication and authorization. For example: If you are using QR as a mode of authentication, you can simply sway the authorization process without getting any second thoughts about duplication or compromised security. Visitor Management systems are way too difficult to fool as one can not enter without being authenticated and authorized. The confidential information is only shared or limited access is provided as per the security concerns which involves minimal manpower for security.

Better Data Maintenance

Often the data is gathered but data refining and maintenance are poorly managed. Thus when you approach a Visitor Management system the system automatically takes care of the data and manages it for you. You can simply generate reports, get hard copies, and make improved decisions depending on the data. Wao!Right? For example: Suppose you organized an event that included 10,000 people, So the Visitor Management system here will record that data for you. Not only this, it would even support you to filter data based on the constraints, generate visual reports for presentation, and make easy look-ups possible and the next time when you plan for something like it, you can use the data collected. Today almost 80% of SMEs and MSMEs believe that data-driven decisions are better, boost revenue, and enhance growth by 60%.


As compared to traditional paper and pen systems, Visitor Management systems are more budget-friendly as they require less manpower, and fewer resources, and are hassle-free. Moreover, overall productivity is escalated as system-based digitization is used.

User Experience is improved

As Visitor Management systems are fast compared to human resources, the overall experience for the user is improved. The waiting period and the problem of standing in long queues are eliminated as the process is rapid-fast and proceeds just in a blink of an eye. The users can simply register, fill up forms, get access easily, and avail of the services faster than ever, which is time-efficient. Furthermore, as digitization is used, the performance is enhanced without worrying about safety and security issues and the management can focus completely on the gist of the event.

Enhanced Tracking

As Visitor Management systems make users easily trackable one can record and have a clear picture of the user’s activity making the system more reliable and secure. In case the user’s activity is found suspicious the authority can immediately take actions restricting them. Not only this, it would even help the authority forecast future constraints and events based on the analytics received about various users’ activity. Now that we have a complete overview of visitor management systems, their strength, working, and other essentials. Let’s peep into factors that one must keep in mind, before selecting any digitized system.

8 factors to keep in mind while selecting a Visitor Management System for a manufacturing company!

Enhanced Tracking One of the major points that one must stress is security. Have complete core knowledge about the security provided by a visitor or employee management system before proceeding.


Just being the right management system is not enough. With advancement, there also comes usability, No matter how quick your system is if it’s not easy for your users to use it won’t make any difference. Thus one must choose a system that strengths upon making users’ life easier and saves time without much effort.

Easy Integration

If a system is limited to certain apps or software then it would cause a problem at the time of integration. Thus choose a system that is not rigid and supports easy integration with other apps and software that can help you achieve your targets.

Quick Customization

With ease and effectiveness, there is one more factor to take care of which is customization. For example, The system you choose must allow you to add custom fields or custom forms as and when needed to enhance user experience. Not just limited to this, it must allow you to customize the user interface to match your requirements.

Full-Fledged reports

With automation, the reports and data have been a factor that affects decisions. Thus one must choose a software or app that provides detailed reports and complete 360-degree analytics to track users’ data and trends.


Choose a system that supports scalability. For instance: The system must be able to handle large volumes of data without compromising security and maintenance. One must be able to add more users and devices as needed.

Customer Support

The system you choose must have documentation or an inbuilt team to provide the system training for better results. In case of any unexpected outputs, the team must take charge of the system faults and support externally.

Competitive Pricing

The system must be worthy of the price that it targets and provide promised outputs without any hidden fees. Plan on a budget, check it on with the features you need, go through the features the system provides, track the pros and cons, think about the worst-case scenarios, and then take an informed decision. The energy and productivity of your complete event depend on the system you choose. Thus it becomes crucial to choose the right system provided by the authorized team.

Best Visitor Management System for Digitization

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