Just a smart idea that can slash your visitor management time & cost.

Quick Visitor Management
Track visitors’ real-time movement through our digital visitor management system software and receive downloadable analytics with the Visitorz.io dashboard.

Real time Visitors Log

You can check the real-time status of your visitors through the visitor desk, where in a single view you can manage all the visitor's live actions.

Advance visit registration

You can register any visitor in advance, or any of your visitors can register in advance through the advance visit link. In advance registration, we got all the information about the visiting person. During his/her visit, he/she has to scan a QR they check-in to that workspace.

Event Registration

Your visitors can pre-register their visit and you will get the data of visitors in advance, which will help you manage the visitors. When the pre-registered visitor visits the premises and scans the QR, they will not have to fill out the form, they will be directly checked into the workspace.


Your visitors can take an appointment in advance through the appointment booking link, while he/she has to mention whom he/she wants to meet at that workspace. Appointments can be approved or declined by the person whom visitors want to meet. They can also reschedule it and notify visitors too.

Visitors Notification

Every visitor gets notified by the system when any action happens, either by visitors or your systems.

Email Template Customization

Email template customization is a key feature to making the brand visible. You can customize it as per your requirements.

Visitor management system
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