India’s first bulk drug park inaugural ceremony Fully managed using event mobilization software!!

Today, with automation happening at lightning speed, almost everything is streamlined and up-to-date. But still, the approach to organizing and managing the events and gatherings is carried out using the traditional-Paper and Pen System at major places. It can be a big hassle to keep track of who visits your authorized events when you use the traditional paper-and-pen system.

Not only is this method time-consuming, but it’s also less secure and can be quite expensive. It is a total security and privacy-compromised approach. Thus as a solution to it, Event Mobilization Software – Vistorz.io came into action. Let’s understand more about it with a case study.

India’s first bulk drug park inaugural ceremony Fully managed using event mobilization software!!

Digitized PM Shri Narendra Modi Visit that made history!

This case study is about the foremost government-digitized Mass mobilization event organized for the inauguration of the first bulk drug park by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji with the help of India’s first Event mobilization data management system. This first mass mobilization event was organized in Jambusar of Bharuch district.

PM Shri Narendra Modi visited Jambusar in Bharuch on 11th October for the inauguration of the biggest Drug Park. The best part about this drug park was that it would employ many unemployed people. Furthermore, it would provide highly expensive medicines at a very cost-effective rate so that everyone could get the basic medications they need.

This was the first event that the government decided to carry out using Mass mobilization event management software, and we faced some major challenges to make it fruitful.

Mass Mobilization

Firstly, the major constraint that the event had to deal with was the fact that a lot of the invitees were not from a tech background. Thus the utmost user-friendly solution was the need. Secondly, safety was a significant concern because of the sheer number of people attending the event – more than 100,000. Mass mobilization events have the potential to turn into riots very quickly, so we had to be very careful to maintain order and carry out the process smoothly.

Lack of Technical Expertise

As the major invitees were not so tech enthusiasts and involved various old and middle-aged people, the process had to be pretty much simple, quick, user-friendly, and easy. Also, to avoid the hustle, the process had to be precise, accurate, and seamless.

Offline Access

Since this was a government-authorized Mass mobilization, we had to be extra careful to not make any mistakes. Also, as it was a political event, we had to come up with a solution to proceed offline to avoid conflicts and misfortunes. As per the government rules, the jammers were installed and the event was instructed to be carried forward without internet access. Thus it required the app to work completely offline with zero internet connectivity which was a hard nut to crack.

Time Constraint

Whenever an app works on the data, the proper data gathering becomes its soul. In this particular scenario, Data gathering from Villages, Gram Panchayats, Taluka’s, Municipal corporations , and timeliness were both concerns when we decided to print passes for the large-scale event. We had to be sure that the passes couldn’t be duplicated and that they would be provided on time.


As it was the very first Mass mobilization event where the government planned to move digital considering Shri Narendra Modi’s vision towards digital India, it was our biggest responsibility to make it a success. Also, we wanted to contribute at our end in the best possible ways to make India digital and support PM Shri Narendra Modi’s vision by providing a completely trusted, reliable, and fully-functional solution. So our team was dedicated, determined, and devoted to going the extra mile.


“If you plan it, you can achieve it”

To serve the Mass mobilization and satisfy event management needs, we tried to find a solution to every challenge one at a time.

We requested government officials to provide us with the data of the invitees so that we can make passes for every individual. Our team was continuously in contact with Collector Shri Tushar Sumera and their invincible team to get data of all the event attendees from different Villages, Gram Panchayats, Talukas, and Municipal corporations. During this, we prepared and distributed over 1,00,000+ unique QR codes using our system and distributed them before the event. This solved the major issue of mass gatherings.

Furthermore, we made the system extra user-friendly for our major invitees who were not so technically sound. All they had to do was check in via the QR code printed on their pass. The passes were checked to authenticate the user and allow them to proceed.

The system had a complete database of invitees, which made the process hassle-free, authenticated and seamless. The time recorded for scanning was nearly 0.5 seconds. This meant that 2-3 QR codes could be scanned and entry was managed within a second without any issues.

Benefits of choosing Visitorz.io for PM Shri Narendra Modi's Visit!

Easy Entry!

As the event was completely automated and planned which just required QR code scanning, there was no line of contact. This helped to make the event more secure and efficient.

Strong Security

As the event was a government event, the passes were verified to protect and safeguard the event from fake requests and spammers

Data Maintenance

As the unique QR codes were generated it was made sure that no data was redundant or duplicated. Also, Visitorz.io allowed the curation of separate passes for a specific group of people to limit access to the event.


The data encryption process used by Visitorz.io helped to maintain data safety and security for the users without any questions or concerns about prior data leaks during the event. Also, Visitorz.io followed GDPR compliance and other data protection regulation policies, for security grounds.

Report Automation and Analysis

The traditional system would not have provided the level of detail or allowed for effective decision-making that Visitorz.io‘s reports and analyses did for the event. It provided the intermediate level of detail which could be essential for future planning and success of other government events.

Zero Hardware Cost

As the system is mobile-based, there was no need for anything except a little pocket device to manage the access.

The event was a roaring success – more than 1,00,000+ QR codes were scanned and the data integrity of users was fully maintained. Time constraints were satisfied and the purpose was more than fulfilled – everyone from IAS officers to the honorable prime minister was impressed with the idea and seamless process. Government officials, in particular, treasured the idea of customization, and automation. At the end of the day, with the wrap-up of the event, the complete data was submitted to the government officials in the presence and assistance of collector Shri Tushar Sumera. The registration links were closed and on the same day, the entire report of the complete event was sent to the PMO office.

At Visitorz.io, we pride ourselves on being quick, fast-paced, and able to support smooth integrations.


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